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I'm so into music, movies, Internet and books. I love to download songs, mp3s, singing, a bit of dancing (haha) and music charts such as Billboard and World Chart. My all time favourite would be Celine Dion. She's a powerful singer with a powerful vocals. I'm not really a ballad kind of person a.k.a jiwang, its just that I love her songs and vocals.


Yet, my current favourite is Kelly Clarkson. She happened to be the first American Idol winner. She came from no where, but now she's a superstar. Her vocal is unique, powerful and strong. She is a talented and as well a talented song-writer. I love her song Breakaway, Since U Been Gone, Behind These Hazel Eyes, Because Of You and Walk Away. I can't wait for her next album which will be release end of this year.


My favourite genre of music is universal. I listen to almost all kind of genre such as pop, rock, ballad, country, jazz, contemporary, R&B, Hip-hop, Rap and many more.

I'm a movie goers as well. Recently, I watched X-Men 3:The Last Stand. It was superb, exciting and exhilerating. Before I go out for movie, I would watch their trailer first on television or on the Internet. But, what I saw in the trailer would not be as good as the movie itself. It just a promotion tactics. I also buy movies VCDs, not pirated, but original. I prefer buying originals because of the qualities of the pictures, sound effects and so on. If you buy pirated one, all you have is distraction along the movie. I bought them (original VCDs) for my own collections. So far, I have about 20 VCDs in my collections.

Internet? It would be my favourite past-time. As you all know, I love music charts. Every week, I would surf them to know what are the latest hits songs and albums all around the world. Try out my favourite URLs and find out whether you like it or not.

I love books as well. Novels, magazines, and all sorts of them. I love reading them for fun or for information.

Okay, down below is one of my favourite songs. Feel free to listen to them. Thank you.

Kau Ubah Hariku, Kahitna

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Thank you.